November 11, 2023

«Drive», new single

«Drive» on Spotify


June 30, 2023

“In The Grass”

December 28, 2022

“Sunflowers” (single)

September 9, 2022:

“Kvakkolamp” (album)


WOOZOOM album no 2.

The album was released september 9. 2022, streamable on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube and Facebook & Instagram.

Here’s a link to Spotify


June 17, 2022


Single, on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes and Facebook/Instagram.


Harald Bach-Gansmo – keyboards

John Arne Paulsen – bass/guitars/vocals

Link: Spotify:


April 1, 2022


“Input” by WOOZOOM. It’s an instrumental. When you plug music straight into the veins of nature, this is how it sounds like.

Keyboards: Harald Bach-Gansmo

Bass / Guitars: John Arne Paulsen

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January 17, 2022

“No Moose” – new single

“No Moose” is our new song on Spotify. It’s an instrumental in the genres pop/progpop/fusion, with some jazzy elements. Hope you like it!

Keyboards: Harald Bach-Gansmo

Bass/Guitars: John Arne Paulsen

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December 30, 2021:

Single – “Space Robot”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is woozoom-space-robot-star-cover-3b-1617x1500.jpg

Join the SPACE ROBOT on his journey from planet to planet. On Spotify.

Synthesizers and piano (all keys): Harald Bach-Gansmo.

Bass, vocals and all guitars: John Arne Paulsen.

July 16, 2021


WOOZOOM proudly presents an instrumental summer song.

Keyboard: Harald Bach-Gansmo

Bass/guitars: John Arne Paulsen

The song is on Spotify, iTunes, Facebook/Instagram and YouTube Music.

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May 29, 2021:


Our new song, “Moss”, is released on Spotify.

April 9, 2021:


New song from WOOZOOM on Spotify TODAY   – “Ghosts”. This is an instrumental, with some “ghost effects” and a funky rhythm.

Mars 12, 2021:


New single from WOOZOOM: Today we present our new song on Spotify. It’s named “Mirrors”, an instrumental with som chorus. Feel free to listen to it, and please follow us on Spotify and our Facebook page.

January 31, 2021:


Check out our new single “Mayfly” on Spotify. This is our first song with lyrics and vocals. This is the cover. Click on it and listen to the song on Spotify:

December 21, 2020


New single, “October”

Keyboards: Harald Bach-Gansmo

Bass/all guitars: John Arne Paulsen


Hipdone (album)

The WOOZOOM album “Hipdone” release, 10 instrumental songs, available on Spotify.

Keyboards: Harald Bach-Gansmo

Bass: John Arne Paulsen

Guitar: Arild Eriksen